Water is probably the most important thing that we consume, but it has to be GOOD WATER!

If we drink toxic water (fluoride, drugs, etc.) then we are probably doing more harm than good.  When I was a kid, we didn’t even think about water, when we were thirsty we drank tap water (bottled water was not invented yet).

The problem is that many of the municipal water supplies in the US are toxic, however, the “safe” standards are met, so nothing is done about it.

The problem is that modern science has proven that these levels pose countless health risks.

There are 160 contaminants that are unregulated, and therefore have  NO LEGAL LIMITS! Frighteningly the EPA  has refused to add any new contaminants to their listing of regulated tap water pollutants in over two decades!  Not doing their job!

My home uses a well with a whole house filtration system, and we drink distilled.  Distilled is great because it helps better flushing toxins out of the body, and it makes my coffee taste better! 🙂  This seems to be good, so we’ll keep it up.  I would recommend using some type of quality filter for your home as well.  We use an Aquasana whole house filter.

If you are interested in checking the quality of your municipal water, go to Environment Working Group https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/.  They have a fairly good list of areas with the found contaminants and filter suggestions.

To Your Health!


We’re still here!

teotwawkiThose calling for the end of the world were wrong…AGAIN!  We’re still here and we still must face the many complex problems of the world.

The primary issue that we confront on a daily basis is our health, and how to keep it.  We face a barrage of items that work to make it very difficult if not impossible to maintain full health.

Toxins in our food, water, and medications.  Our environment is full of stuff that our bodies are constantly dealing with, and the number of chemicals that do not have our health in mind, increase each day.  These include our pharmaceuticals, which for the most part are highly toxic!

However our bodies are EXTREMELY complex, adaptive organisms able to make the needed changes to our DNA to enable us to survive!  That is the prime directive – survive!  It accomplishes this through epigenetics – where our genes actually change their expressions based on our environment.  And the environment can be actual or perceived!

All we need to do, and it’s very simple, is to provide our bodies with the raw ingredients, and the environment (actual and perceived)  that it needs to accomplish full health and survival.  Good clean food, clean air, and clean water – and throw in good spiritual belief, and some moderate exercise, simple!

Now that the New Age is here, I look forward to changes taking place that will re-form our society for the better!  It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive!

Our mission at A View To Your Health, is to help you by teaching you what you need for optimum health, and helping you achieve your health goals.

From all of us, to all of you, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous, holiday season and New Age!