For the past months we’ve been told that wearing a face mask will “protect” us from the virus. But the facts are 180 degrees from that.

Firstly, wearing a face mask to protect ourselves from the virus is like using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes! The virus is WAY smaller then the pores of a mask.

Then there is the issue of how the mask is restricting our flow of oxygen! Our own CO2 that we produce displaces the oxygen and causes the levels to be lower than OSHA states as “dangerous levels”. This has been seen in doctors and surgeons! Please watch this video:

Masks are working against the goal of protection! So, the masks are NOT effective and they are working AGAINST our health!

The best “mask” to wear is just having a fully functional immune system!

We recommend that our clients NOT wear masks, they give a false sense of protection.

To Your Health!

Bacteria and Viruses

With the current Covid-19 situation, I would like to clear up some misinformation that we’ve been living with since the time of Pasteur! Most of us are unaware that the “germ theory” popularized by Louis Pasteur is a false assumption. He was going head-to-head with another scientist of his time, Antoine Bechamp.

Bechamp argued that it was the “terrain” of the body and not the “germ”. Depending on the terrain of the body, various bacteria and viruses can exist.

The history of this is very interesting, and can be read in a 350 page book entitled “Bechamp or Pasteur, A lost chapter in the history of biology” published in 1923 by Ethel Douglas Hume. It can be read or downloaded for FREE at:


It is my personal belief that bacteria and viruses are the “garbagemen” of our bodies, whose job it is to help remove bad stuff (toxins, etc.) from our bodies! They are pleomorph’s and change to various forms, to tackle the current needs of our bodies.

As the microbiome mostly in our gut, assists with our health, there is also a virome (made up of viruses) with the same task!

We all have bacteria and viruses in our bodies at all times! So if you are ‘testing” for a particular virus, chances are good that you will find it.

So if you want to stay healthy, keep your terrain in top shape, eat right (organic), occasional fasting, exercise, and detox yourself from toxic substances and relationships!

These “pathogens” are here to help! They exist to help us stay healthy!

To Your Health!


Is occasional fasting good for your health? Heck YES!

The concept of fasting is in every culture. There are many benefits to be received through fasting of all types (intermittent or longer). The longer water fasts (3 to 5 days) are particularly good. Obvious benefits, and some not so obvious such as blood glucose, insulin, autophagy, HGH, weight loss, ketones, intestinal stem cells, immune reboot and musculoskeletal stem cells, all in a positive healthy direction!

If you’ve never fasted before, you will be amazed at how easy it is to go without food. Personally, I’ve only fasted once, for a day, in my lifetime, (I’m 71!). Now I do intermittent fasting and 3 to 5 day water fasts.

We have a Keto Mojo meter which reads ketones and glucose. With this meter you can always know what your status is.

You want to be in the zone (around 2 millimolar) reading on the meter.

So, if you want to improve your health and live longer – start fasting today.

Our office will be conducting a group fasting in January 2020.

To Your Health!


Due to the extreme toxic environment that we all live in, detoxing is more important than ever in the history of mankind!

Just take a moment to think about how we live, and where the toxins are in our environment:

  • In our air – Pollution of all types vary depending on where you live.
  • In our water – Also depends on your location. Drink distilled?
  • In our food – Organic, conventional, GMO, etc.
  • In the products that we use – Cosmetics, body products, cleaners, soaps, etc.
  • Homes and offices – Materials used in construction, paints, carpeting, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Antibiotics, vaccines, over the counter drugs, etc.
  • EMF exposure – Electric fields, magnetic fields, radio fields, from exposure to wiring, computers, WIFI, electric cars, etc.

The image above illustrates the “Bucket Theory”– we all have a “genetic”| bucket, of varying size depending on our genes. Each time we have a disease, trauma or toxic assault, we put it in the bucket. At some point our buckets become full, then if we have another trauma, the bucket spills over, and our body has to deal with everything at once, usually not successfully!

A real life example – a neighbors friend, mid 40’s, big guy, very typical beer/pizza, used to be a cop in NYC now worked security in a school, was t-boned in his vehicle by a student. Flipped over a few times. He was dead within a year from pancreatic cancer!

We must find an effective way to removed heavy metals and chemicals from our body and brains. The best way is to get down to the level of the cell, and we have found the solution! True Cellular Detox (TCD),

Devised by Dr. Dan Pompa and his team, this is a quantum leap in dealing with the issue! It follows a three phase approach – Prep Phase, Body Phase, and Brain Phase and includes testing that shows before and after readings. It uses and combination of targeted supplementation including Cytodetox which is a highly effective binder based on Clinoptilolite, (a unique form of Zeolite) which binds and removes the toxins out of the body.

Our staff is currently going through the detox and getting full training on the concepts and process of the system. The ain’t your grandpas detox!

To Your Health!

5G And Your Health!

In order to facilitate the “Internet of things”, the speeds at which the system operates has to be MUCH faster, and 5G is that!

The following video gives some info on the scope of the problem that is facing us all:

And 5G, with over 13 MILLION antennas to be installed in the USA alone, and much higher frequencies, is a recipe for human (as well as animal) disaster!

Because the frequencies of 5G do not penetrate much of anything, the need to put up antennas between 2 and 10 houses and they’re doing this on power poles.

This will be a 24/7 exposure for all of us. It will be the new tobacco of the 2020’s!

You can get more info on the web on sites like this. Please do a web search for more info, and call your representatives to express your feeling about this.

To Your Health!


Water is probably the most important thing that we consume, but it has to be GOOD WATER!

If we drink toxic water (fluoride, drugs, etc.) then we are probably doing more harm than good.  When I was a kid, we didn’t even think about water, when we were thirsty we drank tap water (bottled water was not invented yet).

The problem is that many of the municipal water supplies in the US are toxic, however, the “safe” standards are met, so nothing is done about it.

The problem is that modern science has proven that these levels pose countless health risks.

There are 160 contaminants that are unregulated, and therefore have  NO LEGAL LIMITS! Frighteningly the EPA  has refused to add any new contaminants to their listing of regulated tap water pollutants in over two decades!  Not doing their job!

My home uses a well with a whole house filtration system, and we drink distilled.  Distilled is great because it helps better flushing toxins out of the body, and it makes my coffee taste better! 🙂  This seems to be good, so we’ll keep it up.  I would recommend using some type of quality filter for your home as well.  We use an Aquasana whole house filter.

If you are interested in checking the quality of your municipal water, go to Environment Working Group  They have a fairly good list of areas with the found contaminants and filter suggestions.

To Your Health!