Health Care in the (not too distant) Future!

Over the past few decades, “healthcare” in the USA has gone through some serious changes!  Back in the ’80s and ’90s it was not unusual to have a job where the employer paid for your health insurance, and it didn’t cost you a dime!  And the coverage was really good.

Today – not so much!  The policies that are available to you are VERY expensive and they don’t cover many “procedures”.  So you wind up paying much more for much less! 

So what to do?

Reform your health care!

Well what are your options?  Well from a guys point of view, a guy that really likes to do things for himself, without paying someone else, I say “I can do it”!

That’s exactly what I did!  My wife and I, years ago, decided to educate ourselves on the “ins and outs ” of maintaining our good health!  She became a board certified naturopathic doctor, and I received my bachelors in holistic health. We have both attended training on a wide variety of “alternative” therapies.  We then parlayed that education into opening a Holistic Wellness Center, first in NJ, and now in NC.

There are MANY alternatives to regular MDs and pharmaceuticals.  These include herbals, homeopathics, essential oils, and various modalities such as PEMF machines, induction lasers, craniosacral therapy, thermography and colorpuncture.  All of which (and more) we currently utilize in our practice.

However if I have broken bones or other trauma, get me to the emergency room!

I’m not saying that each of you should follow suit, but the information that we learned has become invaluable to helping us keep our health, and helping others do the same!

What I am saying is that you should learn about 1 or 2 of these, probably herbal medicine and/or essential oils, and they will go a long way to you getting out of the “system” and start taking responsibility for your own health, and the health of your family!

This will become an invaluable tool to you and those around you when the SHTF sometime in the future and standard healthcare may become unavailable to you and yours!

Think about it – you being able to help yourself and others maintain their health, without MDs and big pharma!  What a concept!


To Your Health!

Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood?

Good rouleu

One of the testing modalities that we utilize in our wellness center is Live Blood analysis.  We place one drop of blood on a slide and view it under a microscope.  This is REALLY fascinating and fun to view!   It is also VERY enlightening to the client whose blood is on the slide.  A “dark-field” scope is used as above, and/or a “phase-contrast” as below.


When the person views his/her blood, they become much more interested in their health, and what affects it!

The controversy on cell phone radiation lingers on.  Does it affect our health in any way?  Or is it just a benign technology?  This is the question that has been around for decades.

ted031907 5 white

The Weston A. Price Foundation recently posted a study done to see if cell phone radiation exposure affects the blood.  The study was a small (10 participant) , short term study that checked the blood after 3 scenarios.  First was a baseline (no phone exposure), then a “carrying” condition where they carried a phone in a backpack for 45 minutes, and finally an “active use” condition where they were talking on the phone for 45 minutes.  You can read the whole writeup here.

The results were not good, and you can see that very clearly how the blood is affected!  But does this cause disease?  It’s very hard to determine without long term controlled studies.  The problems take MANY years to develop, during which time there are MANY factors that must be considered.

Does the health of the individual affect the outcome?  Probably because the worse your level of health is, the more easily toxic substances and exposures will cause problems.  So consider this the next time you have a craving for an alcohol binge or consuming junk food

This whole debate on cell phones is the “cigarette” of the future!

To Your Health!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

breast cancer wareness

Oh please!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Like who is not aware of breast cancer?  We’ve been hearing about it for decades, and we still have not found a cure…but someone has made lot’s and lot’s of money!

According to, currently the expectations of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer during her lifetime is 1 in 8!  That’s 12% of women.  About 40,000 women are expected to die in 2014 from breast cancer!  All that research and dollars spent over decades and we have found nothing to act as a cure?

1 in 8

I think they’re looking in the wrong places!  Like any other condition of the body, it’s much easier to prevent a “disease” than it is to “cure” one.  That’s because by the time you present with serious symptoms, you have had a problem for many years and it’s very ingrained!

Our bodies will handle just about any type of pathogen or imbalance all by itself, if it has the basic raw materials it requires to do the job (good clean nutrition, water and air).  If it can’t, it will give you a symptom to let you know that it needs some help!  If you take a drug to suppress the symptom,then your body creates another symptom, only stronger, to try and communicate that it desperately requires help! Sound familiar?

Breast cancer, like any other chronic condition, is caused by an imbalance in the body caused by toxins, poor nutrition, and poor lifestyle habits.  These are the areas where we will find the most promise for reducing the number of cases and deaths from cancer, and these are the areas that are mostly ignored because they won’t make anyone big bucks!

In our center we look at the whole body-mind-spirit to determine where the imbalances are and then proceed to re-balance you!  We utilize all the tools at our disposal, especially Thermography in the case of breast cancer.  We have had women come in saying they were diagnosed with a breast tumor by their mammogram, and after giving them a Thermography scan, there was actually nothing there!

When we were located in New Jersey we had a 72 year old woman who had a biopsy that was diagnosed as cancerous and the doctor told her that she MUST have a double mastectomy or basically…die!  The doctor was very persistent and called her a lot, greatly scaring her in the process!  We gave her a thermogram – nothing found!  She had another 3 months later, followed by two annuals and all turned up clear!  Had she followed the doctor’s advice she would probably be dead now, or at least be suffering from her surgery and possible followup of radiation and chemo.  (Our scans are read and analyzed by medical doctors trained in reading thermographic images)

One of the problems associated with breast cancer is that the primary medical screening used, (mammograms) utilize radiation.  Radiation is a well known cause of cancer, so eventually, after years of mammograms the doctor will find a cancer!  If a woman has taken 20 mammograms during her life, (not unusual) she would have received the same amount of radiation as if she had stood 1 mile from the Hiroshima bomb blast, because radiation is cumulative in the body!  Add to that all the radiation from other sources, the poor food we eat, and the toxic soup we live in, and we can quickly see why cancer is such a problem today!

You have to mitigate your exposure to toxins, give your body excellent food, water, air, and the correct supplementation, and just like magic your “symptoms” will disappear as your body takes over and cures itself!

The biggest problem today is the medical-industrial complex that is so prevalent that the public thinks there are no alternatives available.  Our main function in our center is to educate our clients to the fact that they do have choices, and they can be empowered to take back control of their own health!


To your health!

Thyroid – Hypo and Autoimmune


There is a thyroid epidemic in this country (actually the world!), and most people, and even most doctors, are unaware of it.  If they are aware…they don’t know how to treat it correctly!

According the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist (AACE) 27 million suffer from a thyroid condition!  Some sources say that up to 90% of women, age 40 and up, have sub clinical Hypothyroid (symptomatic but undiagnosed). A leading thyroid doctor, Dr. Broda Barnes MD of the Broda Barnes Institute, says it’s 90% of American men and women!  WOW!

There are many symptoms of thyroid dysfunction including:

  • Weight gain that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise
  • Sleep problems and/or fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Depression
  • Thinning of hair and/or loss of outer 1/3 of the eyebrows
  • Brain fog
  • Dry skin and/or thin and brittle nails
  • Infertility such as the hypothalmus
  • Constipation


There are a number of factors involved including severe lack of iodine, but the main cause is Cellular Inflammation!

cell inflame

This is the inflammation of the cells’ membrane, and it is the root cause of ALL chronic illness.  The inflammation of the membrane  is caused by 3 major influences – Bad Fats, Sugar and Toxins!  Briefly, when the membrane is inflamed, the cell does not function correctly, and eventually dies.  Depending on what cells are involved will determine your doctor’s diagnoses.

In the case of the thyroid, it may not even be the gland itself.  Other glands and organs are involved such as the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals and even the liver!

Doctors often base their diagnosis on the lab tests they perform.  Usually the test does NOT look at the correct parameters and they base their results on TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), which, if good, they tell you that your  test came back OK and you’re fine!  But you still feel like crap!  This is called “treating the labs, not the patient.”

However, with Cellular Inflammation involved it could be the cell is unable to respond to the TSH or any other hormone!

Autoimmune comes into play because the body attacks the thyroid tissue (or any other tissue) because of the inflammation involved.

Yes, we consider thyroid dysfunction to be an epidemic!  Possibly the most undiagnosed epidemic in history!  (You’d think big pharma would try to sell us a vaccine for it!)  The trick is to find the ACTUAL CAUSE, and not just assume it’s the thyroid!  We do this in our wellness center, in a completely  non-invasive way!  Heal the cell and get well!



MicroLight Therapy and Needle-Less Acupuncture!

What is microlight therapy?  Well, it combines the benefits of low frequency microcurrents, with specific colors of therapeutic light!  Microlight provides the fastest known non-drug pain relief!  It also offers superior results for facial and whole body rejuvenation!

acutronThe image above is of a device that provides both Micro current and Color Light Therapy together, in a very well designed, easy to use package – the Acutron Mentor!

The Acutron has presets as well as total control over the variables such as intensity, frequency, and waveform for the microcurrent (both milliamp and microamp).  And also color, brightness, and flash rate for the colors used.  This gives the practitioner complete control over the machine, allowing it to be utilized for a variety of individuals and conditions.


The Energy Light Rejuvenation aspect of the Acutron is another valuable way the device can be utilized.  Applying specific colors and frequencies to acupuncture points of the face results in an uplifted appearance!  This procedure also positively affects the entire body because most meridians have acupuncture points  on the face!

Of course the Acutron can be utilized as a no-needle method of acupuncture for those people that fear needles, as well as for Auricular Therapy  (basically points on the ear that have tremendous affects).

English: Ear acupuncture model - Auriculothera...

English: Ear acupuncture model – Auriculotherapy Photo credit: (Wikipedia)

Another application for the Acutron is treating stroke patients.  Watch this amazing video of Dr. Starwynn (the inventor of the Acutron) treating a man who experienced a stroke while in Afghanistan, truly amazing!!!:

Overall the Acutron is a wonderful machine that gives us wonderful results in our practice!  I highly recommend that if you need treatment for pain, want Energy Light Rejuvenation, or have lingering symptoms from a stroke, you seek out a practitioner in your area that uses the Acutron!  There is also a weight loss protocol using the Acutron!

To Your Health!

Ondamed – Wave Medicine!

Ondamed.  No it’s not slang describing when someone is taking medication!  It is actually a machine made in Germany for about 20 years, that uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy to treat the body!ondamed

The Ondamed is a truly unique device, combining PEMF therapy with biofeedback to both determine what the body needs, and then supply it to the body!

It creates a partnership between the patient, the practitioner and the machine itself.  A simplified description of the process:  While the machine is inputting a range of frequencies, the practitioner monitors the patients’ Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS), by palpating their radial pulse at the wrist.  When a change is noticed, this indicates that the body “likes” that particular frequency, and that frequency is saved for use during the treatment phase.

There are four modules, or phases, of the treatment that can take a total of an hour or so.  They can be used separately or in total.  These include finding specific frequencies related to specific organs/systems; finding specific preset programs for particular conditions; finding specific frequencies for nutritional points; and finding specific frequencies for various pathogens.

Bottles of water can also be imprinted with beneficial frequencies for the patient to take home and drink to extend the treatments efficacy.

The Ondamed works by stimulating electron flow in the body, relieving blockages and enabling our immune systems to function at it’s best.  It helps reduce inflammation at the cellular level which is a big issues with chronic illness.

We’ve been using the Ondamed in our offices for about five years now to great success.  It’s completely non-invasive and very relaxing to experience a session.  The future of medicine is here!