Health Benefits – Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid is found in the soil, and is present in organic crops.  Consuming Fulvic Acid is very safe, as it is a natural substance.

Some benefits include:

  • digestion
  • boosting nutrient absorption
  • gut health
  • immunity
  • cognitive functioning
  • improving energy levels
  • protecting us from infections, viruses, yeasts and fungus
  • boosting skin health
  • slowing down aging
  • and more

Fulvic acid and other humic acids contain a plethora of nutrients that improve gut health, including: trace minerals, electrolytes, fatty acids, silica (which boosts collagensynthesis), prebiotics and probiotics.

There are 3 ways to get it:

By eating organic you increase the level of consumption.  However the soils are so depleted it might not be enough!  This is a great way to get it, however supplementation might be needed if you’re experiencing health difficulties.

Personally I’m going to give it a shot!  Maybe I will post an update if I do notice any changes (positive or negative)!