An enzyme is a substance produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction.  They are very important in maintaining good health.

There are digestive enzymes, which help aid the digestion process and systemic enzymes, which help with overall health and healing.  Our body makes some, but it is an exhaustible resource that should be replenished through food and supplementation.

Enzymes are temperature sensitive, and should be stored and consumed thusly.  Typically fruits and veggies contain the correct amount of digestive enzymes to digest itself.  This is why you should eat a good percentage of raw foods, (NOT all raw).

Dr. Edward Group:

“Whether breaking down foods or healing from injury, nearly every process in the human body involves chemical reactions. Enzymes are proteins that act as the catalysts for chemical reactions. Every cell in the body uses enzymes for building, maintenance, and repair. Enzymes are available in food, and the human body produces many enzymes on its own. However, natural production of enzymes begins to decline as early as age 25. Joint pain, circulatory problems, slower healing, and an increase in the incidence of disease are all too common with people who are enzyme deficient and suffering the effects of aging.”

So, enzymes are very important to our life process, and should be a priority for you to get what you need!

To Your Health