5G And Your Health!

In order to facilitate the “Internet of things”, the speeds at which the system operates has to be MUCH faster, and 5G is that!

The following video gives some info on the scope of the problem that is facing us all:

And 5G, with over 13 MILLION antennas to be installed in the USA alone, and much higher frequencies, is a recipe for human (as well as animal) disaster!

Because the frequencies of 5G do not penetrate much of anything, the need to put up antennas between 2 and 10 houses and they’re doing this on power poles.

This will be a 24/7 exposure for all of us. It will be the new tobacco of the 2020’s!

You can get more info on the web on sites like this. Please do a web search for more info, and call your representatives to express your feeling about this.

To Your Health!


ToxicEver wonder why so may people are sick and dying?  The older I get, the more I hear of people succumbing to chronic diseases and some dying.  I know of a few friends that have been affected as well!

Well I wonder this on a day to day basis, as I am a holistic practitioner, working with a Naturopathic Doctor, in a Holistic Wellness center.  We see people suffering from a vast range of problems, that have “accumulated” over many decades of life.  Just about all these issues can be attributed to toxins and a lack of proper nutrition.

There seems to be a common thread in just about ALL these people – chronic toxic exposure – coupled with the inability of their own bodies to eliminate these toxins.

And why can’t their bodies eliminate?  Well, they haven’t been giving the body what it need to perform at the best level! Clean nutritious food, air, water, and environment!

Unfortunately it’s getting harder and harder to ingest a “CLEAN, NUTRITIOUS” source of food, drink from a “CLEAN, NON CONTAMINATED” source of water, and breath real “FRESH AIR”.

The other problem is our exposure to toxins in our immediate environment.  Where we work, how we clean our houses, and or exposure to EMFs!

If we don’t go the extra mile to obtain good sources of food, water, and air, and mitigate our exposure to chemicals, we will suffer!

Toxic2We also must mitigate our exposure!  Some people are not aware of potential sources of toxins:Toxins TILTThe exposure to these toxins, coupled with the inability to rid the body of them, results in just about ALL chronic disease!

And it goes even further to include STRESS!  FYI there are 3 basic types of stress PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL, and EMOTIONAL!  Your body does not know or care about which stress it is – it reacts the same.  So you must also address the emotional issues.

So to conclude, the answer to the opening question is now very clear!  We can all help eliminate chronic disease, and it’s consequences, by making simple changes, Eat organic foods (or grow your own), drink only distilled water (it’s the best to help detox the body), and check your environment – make the needed changes to mitigate your exposure!

To Your Health!

Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood?

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One of the testing modalities that we utilize in our wellness center is Live Blood analysis.  We place one drop of blood on a slide and view it under a microscope.  This is REALLY fascinating and fun to view!   It is also VERY enlightening to the client whose blood is on the slide.  A “dark-field” scope is used as above, and/or a “phase-contrast” as below.


When the person views his/her blood, they become much more interested in their health, and what affects it!

The controversy on cell phone radiation lingers on.  Does it affect our health in any way?  Or is it just a benign technology?  This is the question that has been around for decades.

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The Weston A. Price Foundation recently posted a study done to see if cell phone radiation exposure affects the blood.  The study was a small (10 participant) , short term study that checked the blood after 3 scenarios.  First was a baseline (no phone exposure), then a “carrying” condition where they carried a phone in a backpack for 45 minutes, and finally an “active use” condition where they were talking on the phone for 45 minutes.  You can read the whole writeup here.

The results were not good, and you can see that very clearly how the blood is affected!  But does this cause disease?  It’s very hard to determine without long term controlled studies.  The problems take MANY years to develop, during which time there are MANY factors that must be considered.

Does the health of the individual affect the outcome?  Probably because the worse your level of health is, the more easily toxic substances and exposures will cause problems.  So consider this the next time you have a craving for an alcohol binge or consuming junk food

This whole debate on cell phones is the “cigarette” of the future!

To Your Health!