Ebola – Doom or Bloom?

ebola us

Ebola has landed!  Well you have probably heard the news that the first Ebola victim in the US has been found in Texas.  He had traveled to Liberia and told the hospital staff when he arrived that he had traveled, but they sent him home with an antibiotic!  Needless to say he came back and then they admitted him.

Is Ebola a real concern, or is it over-hyped so the pharmaceutical companies can make billions selling vaccines, or is it part of the plan to depopulate the planet so there will be more available to the survivors?    Probably a little of all these scenarios!

There is no question that Ebola is a deadly virus that, if you are exposed to it will likely cause your death half the time.  But what about the other half?  The people that survive it… WHY?  This is the question that is on my mind!

There is no known, tested cure that has been proven to be effective in fighting this pandemic..so what’s with the survivors?  How did they do it?  Well it’s the same “cure” that has been effective in all diseases since the beginning of time!  Our body’s incredible immune system!


Some people’s immune responses are stronger and more effective than others due to genetics, nutrition, lifestyle and level of toxic exposure.  The people in Africa, especially the countries that are now affected by the Ebola virus have much weaker immune systems due to their poor nutrition, poor hygiene practices, and the generally poor living conditions.

We use the “Bucket Theory” to explain to our clients why it’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle:  We are all born with a “genetic bucket” which, due to our genes, can be larger or smaller.  As we go through life, when our bodies experience stresses, traumas, toxins, etc., it just puts them in the bucket where it does no harm.  (By the way, your body does not differentiate between types of stress – physical, chemical and emotional stress is exactly the same to the body, and it reacts the same to all of them!) 

At some time it’s likely to get full.  Then we can experience some traumatic shock, such as a car accident, a divorce, a serious disease, and our bucket tips over!  Now our body has to handle all that stuff at the same time!  And it usually cannot, because we were too busy living, doing what we wanted, not what was good for our health, and relying on our bucket to take care of any difficulties!

full Bucket

How many people have you known that have great health, not a care in the world, and then something happens!  And from that point on they can’t get out from under a series of continuous health problems!  Their bucket tipped over!

The same is true of  Ebola.  If you are exposed to it when your immune system is compromised, not at its full strength, and your “bucket” is full, you can almost count on it doing you in!  However if you immune system is in top shape, and your “bucket” is not already full, you will survive!

This is the reason you should take care of your self, and not rely on your “bucket” to bail you out, because you never know what events will happen to cause your bucket to tip over!


To your health!