MicroLight Therapy and Needle-Less Acupuncture!

What is microlight therapy?  Well, it combines the benefits of low frequency microcurrents, with specific colors of therapeutic light!  Microlight provides the fastest known non-drug pain relief!  It also offers superior results for facial and whole body rejuvenation!

acutronThe image above is of a device that provides both Micro current and Color Light Therapy together, in a very well designed, easy to use package – the Acutron Mentor!

The Acutron has presets as well as total control over the variables such as intensity, frequency, and waveform for the microcurrent (both milliamp and microamp).  And also color, brightness, and flash rate for the colors used.  This gives the practitioner complete control over the machine, allowing it to be utilized for a variety of individuals and conditions.


The Energy Light Rejuvenation aspect of the Acutron is another valuable way the device can be utilized.  Applying specific colors and frequencies to acupuncture points of the face results in an uplifted appearance!  This procedure also positively affects the entire body because most meridians have acupuncture points  on the face!

Of course the Acutron can be utilized as a no-needle method of acupuncture for those people that fear needles, as well as for Auricular Therapy  (basically points on the ear that have tremendous affects).

English: Ear acupuncture model - Auriculothera...

English: Ear acupuncture model – Auriculotherapy Photo credit: (Wikipedia)

Another application for the Acutron is treating stroke patients.  Watch this amazing video of Dr. Starwynn (the inventor of the Acutron) treating a man who experienced a stroke while in Afghanistan, truly amazing!!!:


Overall the Acutron is a wonderful machine that gives us wonderful results in our practice!  I highly recommend that if you need treatment for pain, want Energy Light Rejuvenation, or have lingering symptoms from a stroke, you seek out a practitioner in your area that uses the Acutron!  There is also a weight loss protocol using the Acutron!

To Your Health!