5G And Your Health!

In order to facilitate the “Internet of things”, the speeds at which the system operates has to be MUCH faster, and 5G is that!

The following video gives some info on the scope of the problem that is facing us all:

And 5G, with over 13 MILLION antennas to be installed in the USA alone, and much higher frequencies, is a recipe for human (as well as animal) disaster!

Because the frequencies of 5G do not penetrate much of anything, the need to put up antennas between 2 and 10 houses and they’re doing this on power poles.

This will be a 24/7 exposure for all of us. It will be the new tobacco of the 2020’s!

You can get more info on the web on sites like this. Please do a web search for more info, and call your representatives to express your feeling about this.

To Your Health!