Dale Kanterman- Board Certified Naturopthic Doctor

Ted Kanterman – BSHH

A View To Your Health is a Private Health Membership Association (PHMA) located in Mt. Laurel NJ.  We offer many health benefits to our members, without drugs or any other invasive modalities.  We are totally Holistic in our approach to health, and specialize in True Cellular Detox!

Using diet and supplementation, we can reduce cellular inflammation and in doing so, people lose weight and recover from chronic disease!  All without using any toxic, unnatural pharmaceuticals!

At our location we also provide other services such as Thermography,  Ondamed sessions, Acutron, Iridology, Sclerology, CASP testing,  VCS testing (part of our program), Reconnective Healing, and Nutritional Counseling.

Our initial consultation consists of a series of non-invasive testing which we will use as a baseline to track you progress over the next six months as a Health Participant.

We also provide specialized lab testing through Genova and Spectracell.    These tests enable us to ascertain which non-invasive protocol would help you best.

You can view our website at http://www.aviewtoyourhealth.com for more info.

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  1. i think that iridology is still a very early medicinal aid in diagnosing disease. it still needs more study to be scinetifically verified.,


    • The use of the eye to make diagnoses of disease is misunderstood. The Iris shows genetic issues and tendencies towards disease (sub clinical) so the disease process might not be seen at the clinical level. That means there might not be symptoms present. When any symptoms show, the disease process is well under way!

      The marking in the Sclera are are more indicative of active issues, but also might not have active symptoms presented. Iridology and Sclerology and used preemptively to give the client guidance regarding lifestyle and diet.

      The body “takes care” of a multitude of things each day, that may never evolve into symptoms! The use of these non-invasive methods to guide us is infinitely more preferable than using any toxic/invasive method.


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