Neck Problem Solved!?

Well, I’ve had neck problems just about all my life, and have tried various things.  But I recently came across a new device that seems like it has great potential!

It’s called the neck hammock.  Actually the “neck hammock” is a particular brand, But I got a knock off, and the only difference I can see is the lack of the name stamped on it.

Basically, it provides traction on the neck to help stretch the neck muscles and vertebrae.  You can hook it up in various ways, to a door knob, door jam, or a railing.

I must say it is VERY comfortable and relaxing to use!  They say using it more than 15 minutes can give you a sore neck, but it’s hard to leave it, and the tendency (for me) is to drift off into sleep.

Anyway, I just got it 2 days ago so we will use it for a while and re-evaluate it in the future!

Third Hand Smoke!

Third Hand Smoke is very stealthy (except for the stink), and it can affect your brain and liver function over time! One  month!

If exposure persists for longer, it will exacerbate the issue, causing cellular damage and a host of diseases.  Mainly due to the liver being our body’s filter!

THS has also been shown to be highly resilient, remaining on surfaces for years. They are even resistant to the strongest cleansing agents. Over time, they can react to ambient air and turn into carcinogenic chemicals. Children are even more vulnerable than adults to THS.

The negative effects of smoking are well known, but this new information takes the risk to a new level. Share this information with smokers and non-smokers alike.

In our center we use a special Induction Laser combined with various homeopathics in a VERY successful stop smoking protocol! (doesn’t help with third hand smoke!)

More details here.

To Your Health!