Inexpensive Ways to Stay Healthy


There exist social, economic, political and business forces that are combining to ultimately compel the country towards favoring Holistic Medicine, not the least of which is the impending collapse of America as we know it!

Increased inflation in food prices (partially due to poor energy policies), widespread epidemics of entirely avoidable degenerative disease, plunging real estate prices, the amazing shrinking dollar, failed foreign policies, rampant dishonesty in Washington (as well as in many states), and accelerating climate changes that are causing flooding, crop failures, droughts and worse.  How long can we endure this? This combination of stressors can only lead to collapse.

As gloomy as this may sound, there is a great opportunity arising to form a new America, and it is incumbent on those of us in the Holistic Health field to take the lead by sharing our knowledge and experience with those that will listen, and attempt to educate the “un-informed” about taking responsibility for their own well-being, simply, economically, and without degrading their health through the use of the many expensive and toxic treatments they are accustomed to receiving.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner I find myself in a constant state of education, learning about alternative ways (both ancient and cutting-edge) to maintain our health and help mitigate any arising health conditions.

There are a variety of proven, effective and safe ways to correct imbalances and prevent disease from taking over, not the least of which is the food we consume, but for this article I will focus on one that many people are unaware of.

Before the introduction, and subsequent proliferation of antibiotics by the pharmaceutical companies, (only the last 100 years or so) one widely used remedy was silver.  People used to put a silver dollar in the bucket they used to milk the cows because the silver prolonged the freshness by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.  Silver has literally been in use world wide for thousands of years!

Although originally antibiotics were a miraculous and inexpensive way of treating infections, over the decades due to the massive prescribing by medical practitioners, we have learned about microbes becoming resistant to the effects of the drugs, causing “Big Pharma” to search for newer variations that can kill off these “super bugs”.  This, and other factors, has put upward pressure on the cost of these drugs to the point now where the drugs can be quite expensive for the average citizen, and most can only afford them with some sort of insurance plan (which is also quite expensive!).  All this leads one to wonder how we survived for thousands of years without the benefits of antibiotics!

This leads me back to silver!  Unlike antibiotics which may be effective against a handful of bacteria, not viruses, (and can wreak havoc with other body systems with their “side effects”), silver is completely non-toxic to humans and effectively kills over 650 varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and molds!  Even the newer drug-resistant strains succumb to silver.

Notwithstanding the propaganda that the pharmaceutical companies have put out with stories about the “blue man”, silver is non-toxic and because it is not a drug, you cannot overdose on it!  The “blue man” effect is actually called Argyria and can only be caused by silver compounds, not pure silver.


“Blueman” who has Argyria

So how do we get the silver in a form that our bodies can use?  Colloidal silver is the way.  A colloid is a suspension of particles in a liquid where, unlike a “solution” the particles remain as particles and are not dissolved.  Due to their tiny size and electrical charges, the particles will stay in suspension and not settle out.

You can purchase colloidal silver (also sometimes referred to as “nano silver”) from many health food stores and/or online, from a variety of manufacturers.  You can also prepare your own, very easily and very inexpensively!  You can literally make gallons of the stuff for pennies.  If you search the web you will find a variety of sites that tell you how to make it, but beware that some of these instructions will cause you to wind up with silver compounds, (Argyria waiting to happen) or silver particles that are too large to be effective, and so will not enhance your health.

As a side note, the pharmaceutical companies have been pressuring government to classify nano silver as a “pesticide” and thereby have control over its production and use!  I guess this proves that silver is definitely effective!

How To Make It:

You need to start with distilled water, a glass container(one liter is a good size), pure silver (jewelers’ silver wire, 6 inches long, 12 gauge, at least .999, preferably .9999 is great and can be purchased online for about $1/inch plus shipping) a direct current power supply (30-volt range), a way of maintaining the water at 122oF (a laboratory hot plate is perfect) a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter which you can buy online for about $15, a way of suspending the wire in the water, about an inch and a half apart, a method of gently stirring the solution (I use an aquarium air pump, on low, to inject a mild stream of bubbles) and a little patience to perfect the procedure!


A very basic setup without hotplate or any kind of stirring system.

When the water is at temperature, turn on the power and let it “cook”.  For a one liter container the whole process could take from 1½ to 2½ hours to complete.  Periodically you can measure the water with the TDS meter.  You’re looking for a reading of about 20 to 21 (at the 122oF temperature), and also for the water to turn a pale yellow color.  You will notice as the process progresses that one of the wires will turn black and begin to “smoke” (that’s exactly what it looks like!) and the other will get covered with what appears to be a thick furry coating.

Once you read the correct number on the meter, shut the power and slowly, carefully remove the wires trying not to dislodge any of the “furry” stuff.  Then let the liquid cool to room temperature and filter it through filter paper (or coffee filters) into a dark (amber or blue is good) container.  That’s it!  This will typically make colloidal silver with a parts per million (PPM) of between 14 to 18).

To clean it up, just wipe the silver with a paper towel and then you can use a plastic “scrubbie pad” (no detergent) to remove the rest.  Over time the silver will get pitted as it gives up it’s molecules into the water.

If you carefully follow these directions you will wind up with high grade colloidal silver that you can use for any health issues.  It can even be used as a disinfectant for kitchen and bath surfaces.  To your health!

Please Note:

This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to offer any medical advice for diagnosing or treating any diseases.  Use this information at your own risk.

To Your Health!