98.97% of Consumed Vitamins are Made of Synthetics or Rocks!

Fruits-in-capsule-300x300Really?!  While the actual percentage might vary from the above statistic, the overwhelming majority of vitamins and minerals consumed by the public are NOT NATURAL, and may be working AGAINST your health!

Like many people who are concerned about their foods these days (GMOs, lack of nutrients, and toxins) you are probably taking a vitamin supplement to make sure you are getting what your body requires to maintain good health, but are you sure your vitamins are real and pure?  Sadly, most supplement formulas do not contain vitamins and minerals as found in foods.  Even though the labels might say “natural”, the ingredients are almost always USP synthetic vitamins and commercially mined and processed rocks!  And while rocks are natural for plants, they are not a natural food for humans.

The intended food chain is that the plants ingest the rocks, they detoxify them, and we eat the plants!  Wonderful system that has worked for millennia, but now manufacturers (keeping an eye on the bottom line) use the rocks directly because the are cheaper!

Natural-C-vs-SyntheticThe synthetic vitamins and the natural are completely different, the natural versions have other components.  For example vitamin C is NOT just ascorbic acid, there are  minerals and bio-flavanoids as well.

When you consume these “synthetics” your body views them as “anti-nutrients”, and expends more energy to eliminate them, causing a net loss!

There are some manufacturers that derive their supplements only from food (what a concept!)  In our wellness center we use Food Research brand for a totally food-derived supplement.

So, consuming fake vitamins and minerals cost you in both money and your health!  So check your brand!  Typically most brands available in the stores are not of the best quality because the “good stuff” is only sold to health practitioners!  Buyer beware.

To Your Health!