Craniosacral for Autism

thumb-craniosacral-for-autismWell, Dale had an awesome experience last week.  She was asked to give a  craniosacral session to a ten year old boy who is on the “spectrum”!  Needless to say she was very excited, and a little nervous!  No more!

The parents showed up with their other child, a younger sister.  The boy was quiet but very “active” and curious, always looking around.  He is taking Ritalin to make him fit in better at school, and the parents wanted to get him off the drug.

Dale told the parents that the normal session is about 60 minutes, but because he was autistic that 30 minutes would probably work better.

She performed the session with no issues.  (Whew!)

The mom called her 3 days latter and said the child has been MUCH calmer since the treatment!  She is hoping the these sessions will hopefully substitute for the more conventional treatments.  We will see if the school notices the difference!

She has another appointment this week, I am sure that craniosacral therapy can be used in an effective way to help this child.

We hope to help this child through natural methodologies!

To you health!