Angelina Jolie – Wrong on so many levels!

angelina jolie

By now most of the world has heard of Angelina Jolie‘s decision to have a bi-lateral mastectomy because she tested positive for the breast cancer gene BRCA1.  In my opinion this is so wrong on a variety of levels, the least of which is why a woman would choose to mutilate herself just because she might eventually contract breast cancer.  Removing any part of the body will only result in problems down the road; other parts of the body will have to work harder to compensate for the functions of the removed organs.

But there is MUCH more to this story!  Mike Adams’ post yesterday was a real eye-opener, and I’m not going to paraphrase was he said because you can read it for yourself here:  It has to do with corporate greed, patenting human genes, and general corruption!

The cancer industry (because it’s a business – has nothing to do with healing people!) has set this whole thing up as a profit maker.  According to Mike’s article, if the BRCA1 gene is patented by Myriad Genetics (the maker of the test) they will be the only game in town, they currently charge $4,000 per test!   Couple that with all the women that will be scared to death and wanting to have the test done, well, it amounts to a huge windfall of profits for Myriad and all the associated surgeons who perform mastectomies.  Not to mention the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and their related businesses!

Most people are under the FALSE impression that our genes determine our health…nothing could be further from the truth!  Our genes are affected by their environment, and can be “turned on” or “turned off” by said environment!  This is called Epigenetics It makes perfect sense that to be a successful organism there should be a built-in way to adapt.  I highly recommend Dr. Bruce Lipton‘s books about epigenetics!

So what has negative affects on the genes?  Well radiation for one (mammograms), toxic pharmaceutical (chemo), and of course our diets!  We need a good, wholesome diet, and I am not talking vegan!  A sensible diet composed of ORGANIC (no toxins, not processed) food will give the body what it needs to correct any gene mutations, turn off the bad genes, and turn on the good genes!

Isn’t it strange that the one test for breast cancer that is highly promoted is a mammogram!  Radiation is CUMULATIVE so the more you get – the worse the outcome.   Thermography is a far better alternative that can find problems 6 to 8 years BEFORE a mammogram could even pick it up, and there is no touching, no squeezing, no radiation, and is effective for women with dense breast tissue!

So, there are many options to consider before doing such a radical procedure as Jolie did!  And, if you are a woman or a man, that has cancer in the family, change your diet and mitigate your toxic exposure!  Educate yourself on the many options available to you to help fight this condition.  Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence!

To Your Health!

Ondamed – Wave Medicine!

Ondamed.  No it’s not slang describing when someone is taking medication!  It is actually a machine made in Germany for about 20 years, that uses PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy to treat the body!ondamed

The Ondamed is a truly unique device, combining PEMF therapy with biofeedback to both determine what the body needs, and then supply it to the body!

It creates a partnership between the patient, the practitioner and the machine itself.  A simplified description of the process:  While the machine is inputting a range of frequencies, the practitioner monitors the patients’ Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS), by palpating their radial pulse at the wrist.  When a change is noticed, this indicates that the body “likes” that particular frequency, and that frequency is saved for use during the treatment phase.

There are four modules, or phases, of the treatment that can take a total of an hour or so.  They can be used separately or in total.  These include finding specific frequencies related to specific organs/systems; finding specific preset programs for particular conditions; finding specific frequencies for nutritional points; and finding specific frequencies for various pathogens.

Bottles of water can also be imprinted with beneficial frequencies for the patient to take home and drink to extend the treatments efficacy.

The Ondamed works by stimulating electron flow in the body, relieving blockages and enabling our immune systems to function at it’s best.  It helps reduce inflammation at the cellular level which is a big issues with chronic illness.

We’ve been using the Ondamed in our offices for about five years now to great success.  It’s completely non-invasive and very relaxing to experience a session.  The future of medicine is here!