Good-Bye Diabetes!

If you believe the lies prevalent in the “Medical-Industrial Complex”, when you are diagnosed with a particular disease such as Diabetes, you will be told to start taking toxic pharmaceuticals to help your symptoms.  And the odds are very good that this will be the start of a never ending stream of lifelong drugs.

If your not familiar with how diabetes works, please check out this 8 minute YouTube video: Diabetes

Glucose test

They tell you HOW the disease works, and HOW it affects your body’s systems, but they won’t tell you the WHY, or the actual CAUSES.  And, like all other “diagnoses”, they give you a drug to relieve (mask) the symptoms.  Is this true healthcare???

The biggest CAUSE of Diabetes (and all other chronic diseases) is cellular inflammation, (discussed in an earlier post), and this CAN BE FIXED, thus eliminating the CAUSE and the associated symptoms!  You can read the earlier post here.  In the case of Diabetes, the cells become inflamed and the receptors are not functioning, thus they cannot “hear” the insulin signal and can’t let the glucose in!  More and more insulin is produced to try and get the glucose in to the cells…to no avail!  Eventually the pancreas “burns out”, and then you really have a problem.  A problem whose cause could be mitigated if it was known to the person!

Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective if we removed the sources that cause the problems with the cells?  We can!

In our offices, we analyze each client’s history and habits, give them a series of non-invasive tests to act as a benchmark, recommend specialized lab tests if needed, (mostly through Genova) put them on an appropriate program (specialized supplementation and food choices), and measure their improvement each month.  This approach works, and without any negative side effects!

So if you have a “chronic disease”, and you’re not seeing results with your current protocol, or getting tired trying to find the right practitioner to help you resolve your issues, you can contact us for help.  You can learn more by going to


To your health!

The Cholesterol Hoax!

The following are excerpts from Dr. Jack Tips article entitled “The Cholesterol Myth, a deception of mammoth proportions” with some further commentary by me.  This may be the largest scam in medical history!

Cholesterol emboli

Cholesterol emboli (Photo credit: Boonyarit Cheunsuchon)

Towards the end of the 1980’s the general public became aware of cholesterol, and its connection (wrongly) to cardiovascular disease.  The studies found that cholesterol was clogging the arteries causing cardiovascular issues, dubbed the boogieman, the pharmaceutical companies started creating drugs to lower it and developed a massive campaign to convince doctors that they must use these new drugs to lower the cholesterol levels of all their patients that presented with “high” cholesterol (roughly over 200).  This was much like saying “Every time there is a fire, there are firemen around, so they must be causing the fires!  We must reduce the number of firemen and that will reduce the number of fires!”

This started an entire industry of No Cholesterol products, including ketchup, cereals and even apples!  And there was a mad dash to develop cholesterol-free versions of favorite foods, which was a huge mistake!

Margarine - better than butter?

Margarine – better than butter?

For decades, much of the population has followed this no cholesterol diet hoping to improve their health.  But, sadly, this advice has back-fired!  All the drugs and foods that were meant to lower our cholesterol and keep us healthy, have proven to do just the opposite!  And here is a few reasons why (your doctor won’t tell you this):

  • There are beneficial cholesterols that the body must have to be healthy!
  • Cholesterol plays a vital structural role in the brain.  Can’t live without it!
  • The liver makes cholesterol out of lipids (fatty acids) for the body’s needs.
  • Conduction of nerve impulses is dependent on cholesterol!
  • Female and male hormones are made from cholesterol!
  • Cholesterol serves anti-inflammatory processes in the body!
  • Life-saving immunoglobins are made from cholesterol!
  • In normal digestion (get this!) the body does NOT absorb cholesterol from foods!  Any cholesterol in foods is digested into lipids before being absorbed (then the body has to re-construct cholesterol if there is a need).  Thus you don’t get cholesterol in your blood from eating foods that contain cholesterol any more than you get banana in your blood form eating bananas!
  • Vitamin D, necessary for calcium absorption, preventing cancer, and supporting life processes at the cellular level originates as cholesterol!
  • Bile, necessary for fat digestion, is made from cholesterol!

That’s a pretty impressive list of  the benefits of cholesterol!  There are many statistics that show that cholesterol is NOT responsible for cardiovascular disease, particularly when leading cholesterol consuming peoples (such as the Massai and Eskimos) had low to non-existent incidences of the disease!

massai eskimos

Many “studies” have had their results contaminated to try and prove that cholesterol is the bad boy, but the truth of the matter prevails!  The  reductionist attitudes of doctors, and the drug companies, concerned only with their bottom lines, have injured and killed many people over the last three decades – needlessly!

The real culprits in the chronic disease processes are SUGAR, BAD FATS, and TOXINS!  If we just learn this, and make the needed adjustments, the vast majority of the worlds population could be healthy, living into their senior years without pain, sickness, or suffering!  That’s the way it was meant to be!!

Dr. Tips (N.D., Ph.D., C.Hom., C.C.N.) earned his Ph.D. in Nutrition Science from the Dr. Roger Williams School of Nutrition Science, Clayton, MO.  He is a board certified Naturopathic Physician.  He is a prolific author of 16 books on nutrition subjects, and is proudly one of our mentors.  More info can be had at