Weight Loss, The Easy Way!

It’s EASY!

It's Not Your Fault!

It’s Not Your Fault!

Most people don’t understand the body and how it functions!  The body is a highly complex organism that is ALWAYS striving to reach homeostasis.  That’s another word for balance!

The topic of weight loss is on just about everyone’s mind.  Whether you have a little to lose, a lot to use, or are striving to maintain, you are always thinking about it.  This is because we are immersed in a sea of weight loss advertisements!  “Eat this,”  “Come to this gym,”, “Take this amazing supplement”,  “Get this procedure done”, etc., etc., but does any of it work?

For the most part – NO!  And why is that?  Because non of these do anything to correct the REAL problem!

Let’s step back and consider how the body works.  Most people think of two things when it comes to weight loss, DIET and EXCERCISE, or calories in versus calories out, but this is not true!  But how can that be, you say?  Well we all know people who can eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce!  As well as folks that are always on a strict diet, and not losing an ounce!  What’s up with that?  Obviously there is more to the story!

It has to do with hormones!  But before we get into how that works, we must go back and look at cellular inflammation, (discussed in an earlier posting).  Hormones are the way the body communicates between organs and systems, to maintain homeostasis!  When the cell membranes get inflamed, that affects the cell’s hormone receptors, causing the cell to become “deaf”, unable to sense or respond to the hormone signals that are presented to it.

The components of the cell membrane.

The components of the cell membrane.

Simplified example, when your brain senses (hypothalamus) too much sugar in the blood, it tells your pancreas to generate more insulin, which enters your blood and signals your cells to let the sugar inside to burn it for fuel.  However if the cell membrane is inflamed, the cell doesn’t “hear” the signal and ignores it.  This causes a feedback system to come into play causing more insulin to be secreted because the sugar level didn’t subside.  And because one of the things that causes cellular inflammation is SUGAR, this becomes a  runaway situation – Diabetes!

There are two main things that the body can use for energy, sugar and fat (also protein in an emergency situation), and fat is the preferred source.  Guess what – burning fat for energy is controlled by a hormone!  A hormone called Leptin, which is actually generated by fat tissue!  So the more fat you have in your body, the greater the Leptin generation, and you remain thin!  What a system!

Leptin was first discovered by Jeffery Friedman in 1994.  People said “we can be rich if this will cause people to lose weight!”  But it didn’t work, obese people already had high levels of  leptin due to their high levels of fat!

If your cells are inflamed, they don’t get the memo, because their receptors are blunted, and you remain overweight, no matter what you do!  This is why people have such problems losing weight, because they are not addressing the cause – Cellular Inflammation“.

So what causes cellular inflammation?  Three things, bad fats, toxins and SUGAR.  If we eliminate, or drastically reduce our exposure to these, and provide the correct nutrients to the body, the cells will heal and we will lose the weight! (Homeostasis)  How simple is that!  The difficult part is doing it because we are immersed in a sea of toxins, and our common foods are full of bad fats and sugarsYes, it may be difficult, but certainly NOT impossible!

There exists a cellular healing diet and correct supplementation that will expedite the process of cellular healing, and weight loss.  Also the mitigation of ALL chronic diseases that we currently are suffering from, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer!  And when you combine this with proper exercise, and the proper spiritual health, (body, mind, spirit) things really start happening!

We are offering this program in our offices to amazing results!  It’s really not hard, and it works!

To your health!

Leaky Gut

Anatomically incorrect, but conceptually true.

Anatomically incorrect, but conceptually true.

There has been much talk and discussion lately concerning “leaky gut syndrome” (intestinal hyper permeability) .  It can be a complex subject but lets see if we can explain it as simply as possible!

Our intestines main purpose is to digest and absorb nutrients from the food that we eat.  It does this by breaking down (physically and chemically) the food into molecular-sized particles that can absorbed through the villi into the bloodstream for use by the body.  The epithelial cells of the intestines have “tight junctions” between them that prevent larger particles from passing through and entering the blood.

Diagram showing a tight junction. Tight juncti...

The above diagram depicts these tight junctions.  When these junctions become compromised, for a variety of reasons, then they allow passage of unwanted particles directly into the blood!  This phenomena is called leaky gut.  An example of a process that would produce food allergies is when a piece of undigested food passes through one of these junctions and enters the blood.  The immune system sees this as a foreign invader and attacks it, and from then on whenever you eat that food again – you get an allergic reaction!

What causes these tight junctions to spread?  Here are some common causes:

  • Too much sugar in the diet
  • Parasites
  • Dysbiosis
  • Poor digestion
  • Not enough fiber in the diet
  • Drug use (antibiotics)
  • Too much alcohol consumption
  • NSAIDS (aspirin, ibuprofen)
  • Malnutrition
  • Cellular inflammation

Some of these have a causal relationship in that they cause leaky gut, and then the leaky gut exacerbates the problem.  Examples would be poor digestion, or malnutrition.

The cellular inflammation, or the inflammation of the cell membrane (see earlier post) is another factor involved in leaky gut.  The three causes of cellular inflammation are SUGARS, TOXINS, & BAD FATS.  Which are so prevalent in today’s diets and environment.

Leaky gut can be reversed through dietary changes and supplementation, and mitigating exposure to toxins!

An imbalance in the gut flora (not enough bacteria or not the right types) can cause a huge amount of problems.  The latest studies of the Human Microbiome, indicates that we are hugely dependent on the microbes living in and on us, and the reverse is true as well.  In fact, counting cells, we are more microbes than human!  The problem over the last few decades is that we are doing all the wrong things to keep our microbiome healthy.  Crappy diets laced with toxins, and overuse of antibiotics are the 2 biggest offenders.  I will probably do a posting on the human microbiome in the near future.

To your health!