We’re still here!

teotwawkiThose calling for the end of the world were wrong…AGAIN!  We’re still here and we still must face the many complex problems of the world.

The primary issue that we confront on a daily basis is our health, and how to keep it.  We face a barrage of items that work to make it very difficult if not impossible to maintain full health.

Toxins in our food, water, and medications.  Our environment is full of stuff that our bodies are constantly dealing with, and the number of chemicals that do not have our health in mind, increase each day.  These include our pharmaceuticals, which for the most part are highly toxic!

However our bodies are EXTREMELY complex, adaptive organisms able to make the needed changes to our DNA to enable us to survive!  That is the prime directive – survive!  It accomplishes this through epigenetics – where our genes actually change their expressions based on our environment.  And the environment can be actual or perceived!

All we need to do, and it’s very simple, is to provide our bodies with the raw ingredients, and the environment (actual and perceived)  that it needs to accomplish full health and survival.  Good clean food, clean air, and clean water – and throw in good spiritual belief, and some moderate exercise, simple!

Now that the New Age is here, I look forward to changes taking place that will re-form our society for the better!  It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive!

Our mission at A View To Your Health, is to help you by teaching you what you need for optimum health, and helping you achieve your health goals.

From all of us, to all of you, we wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous, holiday season and New Age!

Cholesterol – Size DOES Matter!

Does cholesterol cause heart disease?  Most people would answer yes, but there are two sides to this story.  These books take a different view…

  • The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy That Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease
  • The Great Cholesterol Con: Why everything you’ve been told about cholesterol, diet, and heart disease is Wrong!
  • The Cholesterol Wars: The Skeptics vs. the Preponderance of the Evidence
  • The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes, Heart Disease and How to Avoid It

According to these books and many others the answer is NO, however lets take a look back at where it all started…

The pop science version of the cholesterol story goes like this…

  • “When you eat fatty foods, especially foods rich in animal fat, the saturated fat and cholesterol in these foods wind up in your blood and stuck in your arteries
  • “Your arteries are much like pipes. When they get caked up with grease, blood flow is impaired, and a heart attack ensues.”

clogged pipe clogged artery

You can easily see the similarities between a clogged pipe, and a clogged artery!  This IS a problem, but what actually causes this to happen?  To prevent this from happening to you is it as simple as not eating high cholesterol-containing foods?  NOPE!  Wrong answer.

Not one scientist that promoted the idea of cholesterol being a part of heart disease ever believed this silliness…

  • What they did promote was that cholesterol would elevate in the blood and penetrate the arterial wall.
  • White blood cells enter in the arterial wall and gobble up the cholesterol.
  • This causes inflammation and the development of a local fibrous lesion (plaque).
  • Plaque ruptures and causes a heart attack or stroke.

Sure sounds like cholesterol causes heart attacks!  So is it true?  Well there more to the story.

Let’s go back to 1909 where a scientist named Ignatowski produced atherosclerosis in rabbits by feeding them meat, eggs and milk.  It was this that made the connection between food and plaque.  However, no rabbits suffered from heart disease!  The plaque that they developed never broke off, causing a heart attack.  The main differentiating factor is that most animals, except humans produce their own Vitamin C.  This factor plus many others (toxin, bad fats and sugar), lead to a huge difference between humans and animals!

It’s not the cholesterol alone that causes heart disease! Our bodies are much more complex and must be treated as a whole (holistically) not focusing on a particular part.

In 1913 a scientist named Anitschkov followed Ignatowski’s work, but he was looking more for causative factors.  Anitschkov said it was not just the cholesterol, but other injurious factors that affect the way we use or break down the cholesterol.  Even back then Anitschkov knew there were other factors, but he had no way of measuring oxidative stress to confirm the real culprit.  It wasn’t until 1979 that oxidation came to light, however, due to his own work, the “cholesterol only” theory had already taken root.  The oxidative stress process is what happens to metals when they rust.

Oxidized LDL triggers genes in the white blood cells (monocyte) which converts them to macrophages, and eventually into foam cells (these cells cause plaque).  This in turn damages and slows the production of collagen which leads to a rupture of fibrous plaque.  Ultimately, oxidation of LDL injures endothelial cells, (cells that make up the arterial wall) and causes inflammation.  LDL due to it’s polyunsaturated fatty acid membrane is very susceptible to oxidative stress.  AND the small particles of LDL oxidize more.

  • A 1988 study showed that people with a predominance of small dense LDL particles were 3x more likely to suffer heart attacks.
  • Another study showed the smaller the particles get, the more oxidation that occurs.
  • Other studies have shown the smaller particles are more likely to penetrate and get stuck in the subendothelial space than the larger ones.

So, it’s the Number and the Size of cholesterol particles that matter.  And the total cholesterol number is irrelevant!  Consider this analogy – each cholesterol particle is like a car, and the people in the car represent the total cholesterol reading.  When it comes to a traffic jam, what matters, the number of people in the cars or the number of cars?

trafficClearly the number of cars (particles) is what matters and NOT the total cholesterol number (number of passengers in the cars)!

LDL particle

So what does cause cardiovascular problems?  Its the same things that affect inflammation  – toxins, bad fats, and sugar.

toxin  margarinsugar2

(The above left picture is not an organic apple, and the  center picture is an image of margarine not butter!)

If this sounds familiar, these are the same things that cause the cellular inflammation problem!  See my earlier post!

In fact, I believe that these are the root of all chronic disease!  If more people got this concept in their heads, the level of chronic disease would drop precipitously!  But  instead the population has been brainwashed into thinking that the main weapon against disease is pharmaceuticals, and the main pharmaceutical used in the battle against cholesterol is statin type drugs.  Let’s examine some statistics on statins:

  • According to the American Heart Association there are 450,000 new cases of heart failure per year that are likely due to widespread statin use, especially in older Americans
  • Your heart is a muscle and statins attack the muscles
  • They block the production of coenzyme Q10 that your muscles need to contract, including the muscle of the heart (this leads to congestive heart failure)
  • A Columbia University Study found that within 30 days of taking statins, Q10 levels drop by a shocking 50%
  • You also need Q10 to produce cellular energy (ATP), and studies show low cell energy (ATP) is the cause of 75% of all heart attacks
  • Statins are prescribed at a young age and you stay on them for life (it’s a 34 billion dollar cash cow)
  • 1 in 3 people over the age of 50 are on statins… WOW
  • Scripts are written at a rate of 20,000 an hour… DOUBLE WOW
  • Millions of customers were created overnight by lowering the “normal cholesterol level” from 250 to 200 (220 to 250 is still the avg.)
  • 30 million people have bought in to this BS (belief system), and are currently taking statins
  • USA Today reported,  June 2011, “Statins Like Simvastatin Cause Severe Muscle damage” (second most prescribed drug in the US; Lipitor is first)
  • March 2009, “Statin study: Lower Cholesterol, Diminished Joy of Sex”

So we see that the wrong interpretation on cholesterol has taken hold, and the truth is first now getting around to the masses.  Cholesterol is not the direct cause of heart disease, it’s the oxidation of the small LDL particles that become embedded in the wall of the arteries forming plaque.

So the fix for heart disease (and, IMHO, all chronic disease) is simple, reduce inflammation through removing the sources of inflammation, correct diet (elimination of bad fats, toxins and sugars) and the correct supplementation to fix the cell membrane, re-establish methylation, help generate glutathione and ATP.

If you want to check your blood for this problem of small, dense particles of LDL, ask for the particle test, NOT just the total cholesterol test, which as we have proven is totally irrelevant!  We offer these in our wellness center through two different labs.

Make your health a priority NOW…or it will be later!


Stress is a normal component of  life,

in fact it was important to survival back in the cave man days!sabretoothedtiger

When “Joe Caveman” was being confronted by a threat (Sabre-tooth Tiger for example) his body reacted to the stress by adjusting his biological processes to enable him to enter the fight or flight condition, hopefully giving him the edge, and saving his life!

Today, the Sabre-tooth tiger does not exist, but there are many sources of stress in our lives, and it turns out that they are actually MORE dangerous!  This is the case because these forms of stress do not go away!  Many of us live under a constant state of stress in this stressful world.

There are three main types of stress:

  1.   Mechanical – when you are injured in any way, like a fall or car accident.
  2. Chemical – when you are exposed to toxins in the air, water or food.
  3. Emotional – when you experience a traumatic event such as divorce or even a toxic relationship.

Most of us fall under the Chemical and Emotional stress categories all the time, and occasionally the Mechanical variety!  But did you know that your body can not differentiate between the different categories!   As far as it’s concerned stress is stress, no matter the source!  And the effects are exactly the same!


So, unlike the sabre-tooth tiger of prehistoric times where the threat and the stress was temporary (either you escaped, or you were dinner!) modern day stress lingers, and lingers, and in some cases it lasts our whole life!

Our bodies are not meant to handle constant stress, and it suffers because of this.  The stress keeps our bodies in the flight or fight state, and for this we pay the price with chronic disease…eventually!  This places our endocrine system on full alert ALL the time!  That’s a bad thing!  Eventually the glands in the system experience a catastrophic burn out.

Allow me to present it in a way that’s  is easy to understand.  Let’s assume that we are all born with a “genetic bucket“.   Each of us has a different sized bucket, based on our genetics.  The purpose of the bucket is to store the stress that we all encounter.  So each stress that we are exposed to (toxins, accidents, bad relationships, etc.) all get thrown in to the bucket, out of the way, and go unnoticed by us personally!  (A young person fears nothing, and  might not believe such things as smoking and drinking are bad because he doesn’t feel bad when he partakes in those activities!)  Now this process goes on and on, while your body is trying frantically to empty the bucket and prevent it from overflowing, but we continue to expose ourselves to stress’s such as toxins.  It’s kind of like trying to bail out a sinking boat, the more water coming in (toxins) and the less we bail, eventually the boat will sink!

I had a recent experience that I’m sure you’ve all had.  A guy I met was in his mid 40’s, big strong, strapping type.  Not a care in the world.  Then he was in a car accident, a pretty bad one where his car was hit and he flipped over a few times.

Well, his health status changed very quickly.  Bad neck pains and back pains, and then he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died a short while after.  This whole sequence took a little over a year to play out.  Why?  He was storing all the stress in his bucket and the accident overfilled his bucket, and it “tipped over”!  And the treatment for the cancer just added to the problem!chronic disease

Now sometimes we don’t die from it, but our level of good health never returns, especially if we don’t do anything pro-active to maintain it such as good clean (organic)  food, pure water, and correct supplementation!

So what’s the take home from this post?  Eliminate or mitigate your exposure to stress-inducing food, relationships, and environments!

You may feel great now…but your bucket is filling up!

Flu “Season”?


Is there actually a “season” for flu?  Does the flu virus fly north (depending on the hemisphere)  for the Winter?


We’ve heard the same old story for decades – The flu season is coming, the flu season is coming!   It’s time to protect yourself and get a flu shot!  Everyone go to your doctor, or wherever flu shots are given, right now!  It’s the ONLY way to protect yourself!

It’s kind of pathetic, and sad, that the vast majority of people actually concur with these lies.  But for me, it’s hard to believe that flu viruses are global travelers seeking out the cold weather and populated areas each year.  Nah, my belief is totally different!

I do believe that flu viruses exist in our environment, but I don’t believe they have a seasonal convention!  They exist ALL the time, EVERYWHERE!  But Ted, why do more people catch the flu during the Winter months?  Well, people catch the flu all year round, but more get sick during the Winter.  “So it MUST be the “season for flu”!  My BS meter just pegged!

Let’s examine the differences between the winter and summer seasons!  In the summer people spend more time outside, (more sunlight, generating Vitamin D) and they generally tend to eat better and do more exercise (they want to look better on the beach)!  In the winter they spend more time inside (less sunlight, not generating Vitamin D), and because of all the holidays, they eat and drink way to much!  They usually put on a few pounds, and the level of alcohol they consume, combined with the level of food (not the best food), contributes greatly to a stressed immune system, making them more susceptible to infection.

vitamin d

So what are the actual differences?  A huge increase in the density of the flu virus due to the flu season? NO!

It’s the combination of poor food choices, higher level of alcohol consumption, and the very low level of Vitamin D in people’s blood!  You want a flu shot?  Take Vitamin D supplements during the winter months, eat those foods that have higher levels of Vitamin D,  and reduce your level of alcohol consumption.

Have your Vitamin D level checked!  It’s a simple blood test.  You want to keep the level as close to 85 ng/ml or above (not over 100).  The commonly accepted “healthy” level varies around 30 to 60, but that’s too low.

Many of us in the health profession know this now, but in the future the rest of us we will look back at this point in time and comment “How dumb those people were!  Didn’t they know that their really poor diets had so much to do with their high levels of chronic disease and general poor health!”

Well, don’t wait for the future.  Take control of your health today.  Don’t follow the drum-beat!  Be pro-active!

Change your diet, change your life!

Longevity and Anti-Aging

For eons we have been searching for the elusive “Fountain of Youth”, a method, device, diet, or supplement that will enable us to live longer lives.  There have been various “solutions” to this problem, including special waters, special diets, special exercises, etc., most of these fall into the category of  “snake oil”, but some of them have had positive affects on longevity by improving our state of health.

Fountain of Youth

If you drink pure water, consume good clean food (NOT fast food or highly processed), do a moderate amount of exercise, and don’t partake in activities that stress our bodies immune system such as drugs, smoking and alcohol, we then are able to add to our healthy years of  life.  Actually we are not adding as much as we are  taking back the years that are lost due to our unhealthy lifestyle! 

Telomeres are like the plastic or metal tips o the ends of your shoelaces  called aglets.  They protect the ends of our DNA, just as the aglets protect the shoelaces.Telomere

Telomeres were discovered 1938 by geneticist Hermann Müller, but at that time he did not realize their function.

Professor Lenhard Hayflick in 1961 discovered that cells cannot divide beyond a certain limited number of times.  He called this the Hayflick limit.  Unfortunately, he had no idea what caused this.

It took almost 30 more years before the role telomeres play in cellular aging was finally understood. In 1990, Calvin Harley at McMaster University in Canada and Carol Greider at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the USA discovered that telomere shortening goes hand-in-hand with the aging process and is the direct cause of cells reaching the Hayflick Limit.

The discovery that as the Telomeres shortened, the cell came closer to dying!  And they got shorter, each time the cell divided!  Telomere length is measured in “base pairs” of the DNA.  To give you a sense of what’s going on, when we are first conceived we have 15,000 base pairs.   When we are born we only have 10,000 (due to the high rate of cell division while the fetus is developing).  And we die when the telomere length is 5,000!  Telomeres are our biological clock that determines our lifespans!

Why telomeres shorten

The above image is a cartoon representation of why telomeres shorten during cell division.  The analogy is of a brick layer building a wall while standing on top of the wall (dumb I know!).  The bricks represent the telomerre section of the DNA, and he is replicating the DNA for the cell division process.  As he lays each brick, he steps back to lay the next.  But he can’t extend the new layer to meet the old, because he falls of the edge.  And the new chromosomes have shorter telomeres!  These is the basal telomere rate.  When we live a lifestyle full of drinking, smoking, drugs, etc., we speed up this process considerably.

There is a long list of diseases where short telomeres play a role.  Here is a sampling:

  • Cancer
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Alzheimers
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Liver Cyrrhosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • AIDS
  • General Immunity

The actual mechanism of why and how short telomeres affect these disease processes are beyond the scope of this blog.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to lengthen telomeres as a treatment or cure for these diseases.  Well there exists a product called TA65, and what it does is help your body in the production of Telomerase.  This Telomerase is an enzyme that ADDS to the telomeres, actually increasing their length and reversing some effects of aging!

Telomere test

The above image is the result of a Telomere length lab test (actually it’s my own!) and it shows my telomere length is better than other people my age.  And it looks to me like it would be good for the average 10-year-old!  So, I’m gonna keep on keeping on!

The TA65 (the TA stands for Telomerase Activation) product is produced by TA Sciences. in New York and has been available for 5 years or so.  They didn’t have it classified as a drug, so you don’t need a prescription from your doctor to purchase it.  You can find out much more information and get it online here: http://tinyurl.com/cr6pw6h.  It’s a little on the pricey side, but please consider your health as priceless!